A BuyersGap Analysis Helps – A Small Business Success

Do you ever wonder where to start when your business isn’t growing?  Wish Designs is a small business in Pennsylvania and they needed some help improving sales.  The problem was they weren’t sure where they needed to start.  This article explains how they were able to identify why people weren’t engaging, ultimately why it was important for them to focus on branding.


Wish Designs USA, has been manufacturing handcrafted artisan decor for over 40 years.   Unfortunately, business wasn’t growing and they weren’t happy with their marketing efforts. “We knew we needed to do something,” offered, CEO Merit Wish, “but we weren’t sure where to start…so we started with a BuyersGap.”


Many business owners aren’t sure where to start.  But asking your audience is the quickest way to quickly identify major problems.  A BuyersGap analysis helps identify problem areas at very beginning of the research phase.  And, if your audience doesn’t engage or build trust in your brand they won’t convert…period.  This BuyersGap Analysis helps show how Wish Designs’ audience had a major disconnect with the brand.  Here are a few examples from the actual BuyersGap Report:

  • “Website looks like a free template, not professional, nor good enough for what you are selling”
  • “I would have been upset if I started on Facebook and then visited your website.”
  • “I couldn’t learn more about the product”

These comments clearly show why a large portion of their audience wouldn’t convert.


Buyersgap selected 3 people who fit their buyer’s persona.  In this case, we identified interior designers and homeowners interested in high-quality home decor.  All responses were similar and clearly outlined a major gap.

  • 100% couldn’t recognize a logo or cohesive branding.
  • 100% said they would prefer a competitor
  • 66% felt the website wasn’t professionally designed

One of the comments in the report read, “Your web presence didn’t represent the quality of your product!”  Understanding how your audience feels will help you improve their experience.  As a result, it helps save your business money, time, and lost opportunities.


The BuyersGap Analysis helps identify why people feel the way they do about your company.  In this case, people couldn’t connect with high-end manufacture with a 1990’s website.  “We suspected that we needed to update our website, but the BuyersGap Analysis made it clear and what we needed to do to fix it,” says Merit.  The analysis included three individual reports, a SWOT analysis, and an action plan with recommended solutions.

In conclusion, the BuyersGap Analysis gave incredible business insights on how a visitor experiences this brand.  Wish Designs was able to identify both the problems and solutions to improving the buyer’s journey.  They have already started their project on a redesign of their digital brand to help improve their online experience.

Do you have a BuyersGap?  Request your free BuyersGap Report today.