A Poor Experience Can Lead to a Huge Gap

When thinking about your business, user experience is key. Humans often take the path of least resistance when doing literally anything. When people are browsing your online presence, they don’t want to overcome additional barriers to see if your product or service can help them. YOU need to think about how to make the search easy for people! Otherwise, a poor experience can lead to a huge gap.

Capture Their Attention

How is your company capturing your audience’s attention? Do you use video, demonstrations, or a lead magnet? You’re probably thinking, maybe you need to focus on capturing your audience’s attention, right?

You’re wrong!

  • Looking at it in reverse will actually help you understand “why” and “how” your current experience is losing the attention of your audience. 
    • Is your website too busy? Does it invoke emotion? Does it tell a story? Identifying and improving the experiences that cause people to leave will help improve audience retention. You’ll earn more of their time to help educate and build trust with your audience.

Make it Easy

Your online experience should be easy for anyone looking for your offer.   It should guide your audience through your story to help them come to the conclusion that your product or service will positively address the need that has been identified.  Unfortunately, this is where so many small businesses struggle.  Every visitor chooses their journey, based on how they like to make purchase decisions.  Some prefer reading, while others prefer video.

Build Trust

If you succeeded with the first two challenges the best is yet to come.  You must build a report and earn trust.
What are the questions that people ask that your online presence doesn’t answer?  Have you proven your expertise?  Are you as good or better than your competition?
Building trust with your audience takes many shapes and means a lot of things to different people.  But the point is that you have to give enough to encourage your customers to give back.
An email, a phone call, or a message.  Or it could be as simple as a like or a follow.  Just as long as they continue to stay in your customer journey long enough for you to have an opportunity to earn their business.
Have you identified your gaps?  Request a free BuyersGap Report today.