About BuyersGap

Who we are.

BuyersGap is a research based consulting firm that provides objective insights into how your brand is perceived online. Our analysts are consumers, home owners, and family centric people…in other words the same people that make up your target audience.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to know how people truly felt about your brand? We believe that by creating an anonymous platform, people are able to freely voice their opinions and offer unbiased and constructive feedback.

Although we believe it is important to be analytical and focus on data, no program can recreate real, emotional human reaction. By leveraging these responses, we are able to create a plan to help you in making the necessary changes to have the most appealing, and therefore effective, online presence.

Our mission is to help you identify the gaps in your current branding efforts to improve conversions and business growth. At our core, we are consultants who take pride in what we do and the results we can help you achieve. We will help you understand your customer, and bridge the “gap” in the journey between being an online browser and becoming a true customer.

Where we come from.

Phillip Tuckwiller, Founder and Lead Analyst

Phillip Tuckwiller’s competitive nature has had him swinging for the fences his whole life. He started in little league baseball and became a highly recruited catcher. His first job was selling high end sunglasses in a Kiosk at the mall; where his love and panache for sales and marketing quickly led him to management. His first corporate job as an account manager in IT sales quickly catapulted him into becoming the Director of Sales and Marketing for two different startup technology firms and then on to creating a new line of business for a nationally recognized information technology company that became a $20 million dollar division in less than 5 years.

Life is more about professional successes, though. In 2014 he married and became a parent to two pre-teens. His focus shifted to being driven to be the best dad and husband possible. He realized that although he loved sales, marketing and the proverbial rat race, he loved his family more. Despite his hectic schedule and the pressure that corporate success brings, Phil and his family became avid campers, attended many live sporting events and concerts together. Personally, he became a dedicated fisherman and even grew to be quite the foodie.

in 2017, Phillip was challenged with facing some health issues and his ability to “punch a clock” was drastically affected. During this time the concept of BuyersGap was brewing in his ever imaginative mind. He knew he was on to something, but just not sure how to turn it into a home run yet.

A few years later, the tight knit family decided the big city life wasn’t conducive to their long term goals, so they packed up their belongings and moved 2200 miles away to a small town high in the Appalachian mountains. Phil and his wife, Amber now run a 50 acre farm with the help of his family.

During this time, Phil couldn’t stop thinking of BuyersGap. Although he adored his farm animals, his love for marketing was always present; he’d critique social media ads, verbally express annoyance with cumbersome websites, and be frustrated by a good company with a poor social presence. His passion for marketing and desire to help was always there. So, he continued to work on his idea, tweaking it, improving it, and finally reaching his goal.

After several years of beta testing, Phillip’s Grand Slam is here.

Welcome to BuyersGap.

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