Digital Opportunities Identified for Global Company by BuyersGap Analysis

Verifone is an international payments leader responsible for processing 46% of the world’s non-cash transactions. Verifone makes it simple to revolutionize customer journeys. They provide a single, unified, and global platform that enables seamless payment experiences – anywhere, anytime, and with any payment method. Powered by a growing footprint of over 35 million devices in more than 150 countries, they are the experts trusted by the best-known brands around the globe. Built on a 38-year history of uncompromised security, we are committed to consistently solving the most complex payment challenges. Keep reading to learn how a BuyersGap analysis identified digital opportunities for this global corporation.


Verifone has deep penetration within the payments industry. However, they were looking for ways to optimize their online presence and brand reputation beyond methods that provide cold-hard analytics like SEO and PPC. They decided to participate in a BuyersGap analysis to understand what potential customers feel when they engage with Verifone digitally. For example, is it easy to understand what Verifone offers? Is branding welcoming and trustworthy? Would you reach out to this company to do business? Even the best brands in the world need to look the part with their digital presence, and sometimes an outside perspective can lend useful insights.

Finding the Gaps

Many business owners aren’t sure where to start. But asking your audience is the quickest way to identify major problems. A BuyersGap analysis helps identify problem areas at the very beginning of the research phase. And, if your audience doesn’t engage or build trust in your brand, they won’t convert…period. This BuyersGap Analysis helped show where Verifone’s audience experienced a disconnect with the brand. Here are a few examples of digital opportunities for improvement on Verifone’s website from the actual BuyersGap Report:

  • Improve visual branding elements; Logo design, infographics, improve the visual story.
  • Improve website design elements below the fold. Images have different sizes and make the design look broken, creating unnecessary white space.
  • Add explainer video to the home page to capture attention and educate.
  • Improve immediate value proposition and clearly explain what Verifone does for businesses.
  • Consider creating a get started guide educating business owners on how to engage with you or partners


Buyersgap selected 22 people who fit one of Verifone’s buyer’s personas. In this case, we identified business owners who use or need payment solutions. Most responses were similar and clearly outlined a major gap.

  • Only 50% immediately understood what the company does when visiting the website. Many commented that it was difficult to understand how to contact the company or view pricing for products and services.
  • 70% could clearly identify the company logo.
  • The majority of responders felt the branding was cohesive and up to date.
  • Over 90% of responders saw a lack of insights like blog and case study content and a lack of video content.


The BuyersGap Analysis helps identify why people feel the way they do about your company. In this case, while people recognized the brand once they spent some time on the site, there was a lack of robust content. They had to visit more than one page to clearly understand the business, and they found it difficult to contact the company or see pricing for products and service. Some of this is by design as Verifone typically works with very large “tier 1” clients where pricing can change drastically based on quantities, bundles, countries, and more. However, for smaller companies it needs to be made more clear how they can purchase Verifone products and services through Verifone partners, re-sellers, and distributors.

“We have suspected that we need to make some content improvements to our website, and the BuyersGap analysis confirmed our suspicions, and made it clear exactly what people are looking for or missing when they’re on our site.” Says Mary M., Director of Marketing. The analysis included three individual reports, a SWOT analysis, and an action plan with recommended solutions.

In conclusion, the BuyersGap Analysis gave incredible business insights on how a visitor experiences this brand. Verifone was able to identify both the problems and solutions to improving the buyer’s journey, and can begin addressing these opportunities to help improve their online experience.

Moving Forward

If you trust that user experience drives success and would like to see what a BuyersGap Analysis can do for your business, click the link below. What does a quick internet search of your business say? Try a free BuyersGap Analysis today!