Reduce Your Marketing Costs

When a shift is needed

When your business needs to make a hard shift, it can be scary cutting services. You know you need to reduce your marketing costs, but you can’t lose the momentum you have built. So, where do you start? Here at BuyersGap, we recommend focusing on your buyer’s journey. Identifying how people interact with your brand will tell you a lot about what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

Start With Research

The first step is research.  Every company will have gaps between their audience and a conversion.  Remember, people buy based on feelings and validate with research.  So understanding what your typical audience feels when they first see your brand is extremely important.  A BuyersGap analysis can help you identify gaps in the early stages of your buyer’s journey.  By aggregating responses from your audience, we are able to provide an analysis to help identify marketing efforts that aren’t working, ultimately helping you reduce your marketing costs.


Understanding why your online presence isn’t effective will help you improve the experience and ultimately increase conversions.  As we have emphasized before, people make purchases based on feelings, therefore, identifying the negative feelings early on can make a huge impact.  For example, if your audience doesn’t engage with your brand on social media but you’re investing in outsourced social media marketing, you could be throwing money away.  Understanding what isn’t working can help you reduce your marketing costs.


After you understand “why” your audience views your brand as it does, you are able to execute.  Create a list of the most important things based on your audiences’ feedback.   Identify the top 3 areas that your potential customers have identified as a deterrent for your brand.  Focus on these 3 things.  For example, if you find out that only 25% of your audience actually looks at your Facebook page.  But 100% of your audience looks at your website, reducing the time and money building out Facebook.  Again, let your audience help you identify the services that are essential and those that aren’t.

Reduce your Marketing Costs

In summary, A BuyersGap Analysis can help you identify gaps in your buyer’s journey and ultimately help reduce your marketing costs, improve conversions, and generate more opportunities.  Request a Free BuyersGap Report to see if the feedback can help your company.

Request your Free BuyersGap Report to see how the information will help your business.